Friday, 3 February 2012

When Painting the Music... the “Concerto” Collection Was Born

I like to incorporate in my paintings other forms of art like music and poetry - capturing a verse from a song, a metaphor from a poem, rhythm and lyricism alike in a mixture of colours and emotions.

For two entire weeks I couldn't stop painting the music, visually translated into a turquoise splash of colour suggesting the Atlantic Ocean bathing Merlin’s cave, or an imaginary ode to a mysterious princess, the strings of a Spanish guitar that resonates within, or the undulated sound of the jazz music surfing on the portative.  Mixed media has never had such a complete meaning in my paintings before. 

The Music of Poetry by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

The Poetry of Music by Teodora Totorean - Private collection

A Major by Teodora Totorean

C Minor by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

The Music Within by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Spanish Guitar by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

©Teodora Totorean - text and images 

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