Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tiverton Art Society

To be part of an art society could be a positive experience. If you are a beginner or/and an amateur and you don’t know where to start, by joining an art society you can find like-minded people in your area and show your work to experienced artists for feedback and constructive criticism.  

Tiverton Art Society is based in Devon and it has a history of encouraging Fine Art practice in this area since 1971. It holds various events (monthly meetings, sketching days, and painting holidays) as well as a bi-annual exhibition, over Easter and in August where the members have the chance to show their latest work.

When I joined Tiverton Art Society nearly three years ago, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve as an aspiring painter. I have always been interested in arts, but my painting sessions were separated by gaps of more than ten years (you can read more about this here). I started this journey without any trust in my artistic abilities or vision for a future path.

In my first year, 2010, I didn’t submit any work for the exhibitions. I visited both the spring and the summer shows to see who the exhibitors were and what were their themes, subjects and techniques. I was impressed with the diversity shown and also I appreciated that the committee encouraged all members to exhibit regardless of their experience as artists.

In my second year, 2011, I took the courage and exhibited some paintings in both shows. In the spring exhibition, I didn’t sell anything, but two of my exhibited pieces were sold later on: Tree in Bloom Seen from Above and Abstract Flowers. In the summer exhibition, I sold a portfolio work (an unframed original painting) which exceeded my expectations.

Now, in my third year, I submitted four paintings for the spring exhibition which is on until Saturday the 14th. I don’t know yet whether I sold anything and I’m not necessarily expecting to sell either, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an image of one of my paintings in the local press, accompanying an article about the exhibition. Thank you, Tiverton Gazette, for choosing my “Summer Field after Rain” among other beautiful artworks.