Saturday, 23 February 2013

Teodora, she signed

No, it's not vanity, I just decided to use my first name as my signature as I think it is more memorable. Like building a brand (I wish!). It also marks the beginning of a new stage in my paintings: finding my own style and stick with it for a while - still life scenes featuring semi-abstract musical instruments and flowers, playing with patterns, lines, bi-dimensional images and depth adding textured flowers that nearly jump out from the pictures. I also love painting on 10" X 23.5" canvas size and I am fixated with yellow and purple at the moment with a hint of metallic copper. Here it is the result so far and I can't wait to paint some more. Watch this space! :)

Golden Trills
Flowers by the
Fresh Daisies
for the New Carpet
Yellow Flowers
Serenade by the
The Sunflowers

©Teodora Totorean

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