Friday, 8 March 2013

Spring News from Teodora Paintings

1. Mulberry Tree Cards

I am so happy to have six of my designs chosen by Mulberry Tree Cards to be part of their range of cards. They are available from the Mulberry Tree Gallery as well as from various outlets throughout the UK. They can also be ordered from their website here.

2. DevonBird CD Cover

They were very specific about what they wanted: tree, crow, hare, green hills, dark appearance, and a Devonian folk feel. I wasn't sure if I would pull it off as my style is a bit different than the brief I was given. However, I had explored this style in the past which they liked and wanted to convey it in some artwork for their CD cover. You can find out more about this folk Devon based band here.

3. British  Naive Artists Exhibition

My painting "Black Birds Choir" was selected for this exhibition at gloss Art Gallery in Exeter from Saturday 9th March to Saturday 4th May. I am so honoured to be part of this well-known event especially because this is one of my favourite paintings to date.

Black Birds Choir

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