Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Art Jewellery: pendant necklaces, earrings and rings

I started to create jewellery using prints after my original paintings last year in August and I got hooked. Something that began on a "see how it goes" note turned into a never ending and expanding my repertoire project. I create pendant necklaces using images of my paintings which are fixed onto the metal tray with ice resin. Sometimes I use glass cabochon and I also make rings and earrings. For the necklaces I use either chain or beadwork, the latest being designed by me to complement the colour and the style of the pendant. Each piece is different than the other even when I use the same image. Below you can see a selection of my products. Enjoy!

Art resin and bezels beaded necklaces

Art glass cabochon beaded necklaces

Art resin pendant necklaces with chain

Art jewellery sets

Art pendants necklaces different pendant shapes

Art earrings and rings

©Teodora Totorean 

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