Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Colours of Autumn

Last Day of September by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Autumn is my favourite season because of the warm and brown colours it displays, the yellowish light and the lovely weather: not too cold, not too hot, sunny days followed by rainy days. And because I love autumn, it is impossible not to be inspired by it in my artwork. From birch trees and leaves motifs to autumnal flowers and landscapes, here is a selection of works inspired by this season in various styles and colour combinations to suit any interior and office.

Autumnal Flowers by Teodora Totorean

Flori Autumnale - Autumnal Flowers is an original mixed media painting on canvas board, available via For this painting I used a layer of gesso and acrylic for the background to create the autumnal shades and then I painted some semi-abstract flowers in autumn colours for the foreground. When dried, I used oils for the accents on the petals. I know that in theory you shouldn't mix acrylic (water based paints) with oils, but as the rule is "fat over lean", it is OK to finish off a painting with oil highlights over acrylics, but never the other way around!

Autumn at Knightshayes by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Autumn at Knightshayes is inspired by my walks at the Knightshayes Court estate in Devon, very close to where I live. It is one of my favourite places to stroll and one of my favourite houses to visit. The painting is created in mixed media on board and framed. The painting features semi abstract flowers in my personal style, where I prepared the background with gesso, acrylic, ink and paper on top of which I painted the flowers, adding the final touches at the end.

Embrace by Teodora Totorean 
Embrace is an original painting created in acrylic on box canvas and is available in my Folksy shop. It is one of my first paintings when I was still experimenting with techniques, tools and themes. The background is created using palette knives and the paints straight from the tubes. Then I painted the trees and their roots with a brush. Then I added a block coloured foreground so the trees really stand out.

Postcards from October by Teodora Totorean

Postcards from October is an abstract painting created around the leaves motif in red and yellow colours with a hint of turquoise. In making the painting I used gesso and paper cuts in the shape of leaves  for the background and finishing off in acrylic using mainly glazing technique of applying consecutive transparent layers to create a shading effect. The painting is available from ArtGallery.

Autumnal Reverie by Teodora Totorean
Autumnal Reverie is another painting created at the very beginning when I took my painting hobby to a different level. I started with mixed media pieces in which I used fabric and acrylic to create abstract and semi-abstract images. The collection was very popular at the time so I might explore this technique again.

©Teodora Totorean

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