Friday, 31 January 2014

Designing My Art Studio

I am not denying that I may be a little influenced by The Great Interior Design Challenge programme on BBC 2, but January is that time of the year when I am reorganising my studio. I want it to be a nice place to work and as tidy as an artist studio can be. Since I still use my little spare room as my working room, apart from this functionality, it has to be ready for guests at all times. And as being an artist doesn't really go hand in hand with being tidy, I needed a solution to make this little space work as both working room and guest room.

Sorting out the paintings

After a thorough inventory of all artworks, I decided to pack up some of the paintings, ready to be sent to customers. I left out some artworks and I decided to hang them on one of the walls, so if someone visits my studio, they can see some paintings in flesh. They can also imagine how they would look like in their homes and I can use them as inspiration for future artworks. I also left out paintings that I want to submit to group exhibitions in the coming months.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes come in a variety of styles, shapes and colours, perfect for an artist studio. From floral boxes, green plastic boxes and willow looking boxes to card boxes and big fabric bags, all are packed with bubble wrap, cards, envelopes, paints and other craft materials, so the place looks fairly tidy without sacrificing the array of materials I need to use on a daily basis.

Shelving units

Besides the bookcase where I keep most of the storage boxes plus some books, magazines and a CD player unit, I also installed two long shelves for some of the packed paintings and as a work surface too. I also used two little DIY chairs as mini shelves for brushes, paints and other materials. This way the work space looks organised without losing its arty feel.

Organising my desk

As I also work as a freelance writer and book reviewer, I need a desk for my laptop and the extra monitor. I had an old desk in dark brown and a small shelf unit in light brown, so I decided to paint them both in light green paint. I am rather pleased with how they turned up so I might paint some more old furniture from other rooms. As for green, this is one of my favourite colours and it can be found all over my house: carpets, sofa, cushion covers and decorative items.

From art room to guests room

As I need this room to be fully functional as a guest room, a sofa bed is the right solution. It is perfect not just as a place to sleep for family and friends but also when I want to take a break and read a book or a magazine or just to rest five-ten minutes between projects. The green and yellow cushion covers against a dark brown throw blanket bring the room together.

I thoroughly enjoyed re-organising my art room and giving it an eclectic look while keeping it in tone with its main purpose. Until I’ll have a proper studio, I think this little room works just fine.

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