Sunday, 20 March 2016

Product Photography – Part II

Products and photography by Teodora Totorean

As I mentioned before, I am not an expert, but since I have started to take my own photos, I am actually enjoying it. I enjoy coming up with ideas on settings, I enjoy going to charity shops or looking around my house to find props and I enjoy experimenting with angles, foreground and background and playing around until deciding what works best for my product.

Besides my paintings, other products that need photos are: prints, cards, coasters, trinket boxes and jewellery. When I am stylizing my products I go for an all-white look or for props that complement the style and the colours of the product. I am happy with the photos for prints and cards, but jewellery and boxes are quite hard to photograph in a style that is unique to me.


If the easy part was deciding to make coasters, the difficult part was deciding how to photograph them. The obvious choice was to show them in a setting that reflects their usage, meaning on a table with enough cutlery to show scale, lifestyle and product style.
My props include a green saucer, vintage dessert fork and spoon, a white cup and soccer, a vintage mug and other colourful cups I have that complement the colour of the coasters. And here is the result:

Coasters with art prints by Teodora Totorean

Coasters with art prints by Teodora Totorean

Here you can see a selection of artist coasters

Trinket Boxes

At first, I photographed them with an object next to them or with a flower. If the latter was OK as people didn’t think that the flower is for sale too, the ones with the prop may have caused confusions as per what I was selling.  So I decided to continue to use props but put them in the background and show them blurred so the product I am selling stands out. And I think it works. What I use: objects that are in the same colour as the boxes, transparent jars where I put jewellery or flowers, vases with flowers and flowers pots.  

Jewellery boxes by Teodora Totorean

Here you can see more jewellery boxes


  1. I've heard it's good to have some props as it gives people an idea of the size of your item.
    I like the ones where you have the depth of field so the prop item is blurred. as you say, you don't want people thinking the vase or jar is included!

    1. I am still experimenting - photographing your products is a never ending project and I love every minute of it!

  2. I am very glad for this post.Thank you so much.