Saturday, 25 March 2017

Book Inspiration - Vintage Home by Sarah Moore

When I bought Vintage Home: Stylish ideas and over 50 projects from furniture to decorating by Sarah Moore, the first contestant to win Great Interior Design Challenge, I was attracted by the cover and the title. Knowing that I have a few vintage items in my home and I also like to change things around, I thought I might find some useful projects and plenty of inspiration for the home.

Photo by Teodora Totorean

The book opens with an introduction where the readers find out its purpose: to offer tips and advice on how to use vintage objects to decorate their home, from buying and sourcing vintage items to DIY projects and decorating ideas. The book covers some of the most popular projects that got the nation excited in recent years: painting furniture, organising your kitchen, storage solutions and child's play items. (There is much more in the book, but I don't want to spoil it for you). All chapters cover materials you need, step-by-step instructions and relevant pictures. The book ends with Festive season decorating ideas showing how to make a pine cone mantle or an Easter tree just to give you a couple of examples.

Vintage Home by Sarah Moore is enjoyable to read and browse with its colourful pages and attractive photos, making it a visual feast. The projects are easy to follow and the results are exactly like the ones in the book. Even though you won't do them all, you will definitely find at least one or two to suit your taste and crafting ability. I particularly enjoyed the painting furniture chapter - I already started painting some furniture - and the re-purposing of old lace idea - my grandmother's lace edging sheet and my mother's doilies already make our home look prettier. I had also sewn old lace edgings to some colourful bath towels as seen in the book.

Old lace edging and doily made by my mother and grandmother and a handler ornament made by my grandmother

I recommend this book not only to vintage lovers or to crafty people who are always looking for the next project, but also to interior design enthusiasts and home-makers who are looking for new ideas. As for me, apart from getting my hands on some of the projects from the book, I also took out all the vintage items from my grandmother, mother and my mother-in-law and put them to good use in our home, including the enamel mug that I used to drink milk from when I was a child. The photos below are showing the result.

Vintage objects from my mother and my mother-in-law + my childhood milk mug and soup bowl

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