Thursday, 11 May 2017

DIY - Dried Flowers Arrangements

I love flowers and I always have fresh flowers in my vases, but they eventually dry out. There was a time when I never had flowers in my home, precisely for this reason. Slowly, I started to buy fresh flowers because I needed them as props for my product photography. Then I kind of got used to how my home looks like with flowers so I made sure my vases were full all the time.

On my recent visit to Knightshayes Court, there was a dried flowers bouquet on sale so I bought it. At the time I didn't have any plans with it, just to find a space for it along with a dried poppies bouquet, but after visiting a few home decor shops I saw those jars with plastic flowers everywhere. They look very pretty and I do have some plastic flowers I got from a friend that I don't really know where to put or how to use so I thought I could make some floral arrangements. As I was getting ready, I laid my eyes on the dried flowers bouquet in the corner of my window, so I instantly changed my mind.

Separating and cutting the flowers

I was so excited about them that I started my project straight away, without taking photos of the bouquet, but I managed to take some as I was making the arrangements. This is an easy project that everyone can do and you can use any flowers you want, including plastic or paper ones.

You will need:

  • dried flowers of your choice
  • transparent jars 
  • lace to put around the jar
  • scissors to cut the stems 
  • needle and thread to sew the lace

Getting the lace ready

I placed some dried flowers that fell off inside the jar and then I started to add dried poppies and other dried flowers one by one, cutting them to the right length. As I was placing the flowers in the jar, I noticed some lavender and purple flowers that I thought would look nice together so I put them on a side to use for a second arrangement that I placed in a bamboo candle holder.

Using the leftovers 

In the end, I was left with a few flowers that I placed in a rustic style jug but I might use them for another transparent jar floral arrangement. The pictures show the 'making of' process and while I was writing this blog, I came out with an idea of how I can use the plastic ones I've got from my friend. I am thinking of somewhere outside.

Happy with the floral arrangements 
If at any point you want to change your decor, simply place your jar with the dried flowers bouquet in a flower pot as I did in the below picture. 

Dried flowers bouquet by Teodora Totorean


  1. My nan used to grow those helichrysums every year especially to refresh her dried flower arrangements, I've not seen them for years, what lovely memories. I love how many different arrangements you got from your bunch.