Sunday, 18 June 2017

Lyre Antlers and Horns - My Signature Feature

Today I am posting a collection of landscape paintings featuring deer with lyre antlers and other animals with lyres - my signature feature. I love poetry, both reading and writing and as the lyre is the symbol of poetry, I wanted to incorporate it into my paintings somehow. The landscapes are loosely based on my childhood memories of Brazi where I grew up, surrounded by green hills and high mountains in Romania and by the Devon surroundings and cottages as a homage to my adoptive place for over ten years. I hope you like this collection. More to be added soon.

Autumn Cottage by Teodora Totorean

Spring Cottage by Teodora Totorean

The Visitors by Teodora Totorean

Deer-Fairies by Teodora Totorean

Winter Apples Are the Sweetest
by Teodora Totorean 

The Magic of the Night by Teodora Totorean

The Secret Door by Teodora Totorean

Winter Deer by Teodora Totorean

The Visitor by Teodora Totorean


  1. They are beautiful Teodora, I love your style. My favourites are the ones with cottages too, especially the bright summery feel of the last one.

  2. Oooo! LOVE Those! -- You've got a fabulous aesthetic going on. And the Lyre "signature" is an uniquely whimsical touch!