Friday, 30 June 2017

Tin Cans Planters for a Vertical Garden

You may have noticed in last week's blog post that I was posing with my newest top in my patio accompanied by some painted tin cans. Well, after seeing these projects and being obsessed with vertical gardens, I wanted to create my very own. I collected a few tin cans and I went to my local shop that sells chalk paint to ask if I can use it on metal and if it is suitable for outdoor use. The answer was yes to both, so here it goes:


Tin cans
Off white Authentico paint
Clear wax
Brush & cloth
Sanding paper
Any tools you have for making holes
Pebbles & compost
Flowers/plants of your choice

First I got everything ready, including the flowers I was going to plant. I bought a few Marigolds from our local market and the reason why I chose those flowers is that it seems they are immune to snails. Plus, I really like the mixture of yellows and oranges these flowers display. 

I sanded the cans roughly then I applied three coats of Authentico chalk paint with 2 to 3 hours in between. Luckily it was a dry day so I could take my time. Regarding the suitability for outdoor, I won't mind if it wears off a little bit.

Here I am waxing the cans with clear wax while trying out my new favourite top. 

I painted butterflies on a couple of tins using acrylics and then I have waxed the cans again for protection. 

1 - making some holes; 2 - putting some pebbles; 3 - putting the compost; 4 - planting the Marigolds

I didn't fix them with anything because I want to be able to move them around, although I still like the idea of a vertical garden so they will spend most of their time on the fence. 


  1. I love a tin can planter and yours are very sweet.

  2. That's a really nice idea

  3. Teodora I too love repurposing cans. It is a frugal way to create so many storage solutions or in this case a pretty vertical garden!

    1. I've seen your cans in your gorgeous balcony :). Thank you for stopping by.

  4. These look lovely, I especially like the butterfly painted ones. Marigolds are one of my favourite things to grow too - bright flowers all summer long, just don't forget to keep them well watered when the weather is dry and take off the dead heads for loads more flowers!

    1. Thank you for the tip, I'll make sure I do that :).