Sunday, 18 March 2018

Knitting a Yellow Scarf

Yes, I can knit! Not complicated patterns, but easy and straightforward ones. And I fancied knitting myself a yellow scarf. I have to admit that it took me longer than I hoped, but I got there in the end. Halfway through February, I nearly abandoned it for next year; then came March with its snow flurry, so I thought I would finish it so I can wear it a few days before putting it away. Nope, still not finished until the second snow flurry! So now, not only do I have a lovely yellow scarf but as I said in the previous post, I appreciate more (not that I needed to) handmade items and why is it wrong to think they are too expensive - they are actually NOT! Next on my list: a thicker green scarf and maybe some handknitted items for my family and friends as Christmas presents - I'll have all summer long to do it :).


  1. Lovely and bright for those bitter mornings. Well done and worth the wait.

  2. Muy bonita alegre para una primavera que empieza con mucho frío.


  3. I saw you rocking this scarf over on Instagram the other day, it's so bright and cheerful.
    Maybe next time try a nice chunky yarn and bigger needles for quicker results!! This one is totally worth all your effort though :-)

    1. Yes, I will do that. I want to knit a green one :).