Saturday, 1 February 2020

Starting Sugar Free February with Healthy Banana Bread as Seen on BBC Good Food

I am not signing up for this challenge as I have no experience with raising money and I have no idea what to do and where to start, but I just want to give up added sugar this February for my own health. However, if I see other people doing it, I will definitely support them. 

My relationship with sugar (in fact, cakes) is a love-hate one and it goes back a few years now when I started to develop a sweet tooth (no idea how as I was into savoury). On one hand, I am craving cakes and I would eat them every day for breakfast but on the other hand, I know that too much sugar is not good for you. Then I discovered no-bake ones with no sugar but dried fruits and maple syrup, yet I would still slip back into the old habits of eating old-fashioned full-of-sugar indulgent cakes.

Knowing that I wanted to give it a go at giving up added sugar for a month, when I saw this recipe on BBC Good Food, I knew I wanted to try it. I was nearly put off by the mixed reviews mainly saying that this bread isn't sweet at all or it is soggy, but then I thought that while I can avoid the latter by baking it at lower temperature and cover the top, the first is just what I was after. 


140g wholemeal flour
100g self-raising flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp baking powder
300g mashed banana from overripe black bananas
4 tbsp agave syrup
3 large eggs beaten with a fork
150ml pot low-fat natural yoghurt
25g chopped pecan or walnuts (optional)


Mix the dried ingredients first.
Then mix the wet ones and incorporate them into the dried ingredients. 
Pour it into a baking tin for 1.15min at 140/160 degrees. 

I followed the recipe as stated with a few small tweaks: I didn't use any nuts, I added a bit more banana and less syrup (maple, not agave - I am not sure how healthy those syrups are so maybe next time I won't use any at all), and I added a handful of currants. The result is what I expected: a banana loaf, not too sweet, not too soggy but wet enough to enjoy the texture and a great complement to my morning coffee. It goes well with jam, too and yesterday when I made it, I tried it with damson jam. Today, however, I just ate it plain. 

I don't have any 'making-of' photos as I didn't expect to turn it into a blog post, but as I photographed the results, I thought I would share them here so here are some photos with the result. Yummy! 

I used a round tin, rather than a rectangular. Don't ask me why. maybe to get the feeling that it is a cake and not bread loaf? 

I like the texture of the bread, it is a bit wet, but not too soggy. Maybe next time I will leave out the syrup and add more banana. 

I love using the dishes I got from my mum to photograph my cakes and bakes. And coffee, of course.

If you are interested in this healthy banana bread, you can find the recipe here


  1. I love a good banana cake or bread but always tend to use the same recipe. I do find you can easily cut up to a 1/4 of the sugar out of most recipes and still get good results but I've not tried to syrup substitute idea.
    This looks delicious and so pretty with your beautiful china.
    If it does turn out a bit on the soggy side of course you can always eat it hot with custard and pretend it was a dessert all along!