Thursday, 10 September 2020

My Gardening Planner


I was very inspired to create this gardening planner which is packed with drawings, descriptions of plots, gardening tips from my own experience and recipes. This is my first year of gardening and I absolutely loved having an allotment to keep me busy during these strange times. The weather was glorious which was an absolute bonus. 

Having an allotment brought back happy memories from my childhood when my parents had a couple of allotments and we used to spend some valuable family time there. With my allotment, I wanted to recreate some of these memories not to mention having a reason to call my parents for gardening tips. 

Regarding the crops, it wasn't all successful - my salad was eaten by slugs, the carrots disappeared and the tomatoes got some kind of disease just before ripen, but the courgettes were truly prolific as well as the French beans and sweet peas for my vases.

As for the planner, it is also the perfect outlet to practice my drawing skills while having something handy to refer back to when needed.