Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Teodora Paintings - Being on the Right Path

Tree in Bloom Seen from Above by Teodora Totorean SOLD
When I gave up my day job at the beginning of this year, I never thought that a couple of months later I would sell my first painting. And what a thrill that was! I knew I wanted to work for myself but I was thinking of something more palpable like copywriting or translation. I wasn't expecting to deviate from my initial plan as much as I did.

After sending out dozens of e-adverts promoting my services and waiting for someone to give me some work to do, I took the brush and I couldn't stop painting. I have always painted as a hobby but I never really considered creating art as a profession. And here I am, ten months later, with a few paintings sold, a couple of commissions, two group exhibitions with Tiverton Art Society and a fan page on Facebook.  I am still doing some writing (mainly articles these days) but I also paint regularly which brings me a lot of joy. The morale is: it is always good to keep your options open. You never know which path will turn out to be the “right” one for you.

And now, the story of the first painting I sold:

I had a vision about a tree in bloom seen from above. How would it look like? I imagined it to the last detail: background colours, branches, flowers, and how to use the brushes to get the desired effect. I didn’t do a sketch beforehand as I had planned everything in my head. I also wanted to offer something different – a mixture between modern and classic techniques. So I used newspaper cuts on the background on which I built up the composition. And it worked as the canvas reflected the image I had in mind. 

This is the first painting I sold and the thought that it is brightening up someone’s interior makes me happy. It also encourages me to keep on the art path for a while. See what happens... 

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