Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mirage - My First Art Collection

Landscape with Flowers by Teodora Totorean  - SOLD
I am not talking about the fashion collection I drew when I was 13, nor about the exhibitions I took part in while attending art classes as an after-school activity 20 years ago, but about my first thought through collection created in 2009 using fabric cuts and acrylics. I haven’t promoted it much as at the time I had no idea that I would one day sell my art. I called it “Mirage”, like the shimmering heat of the desert. The idea behind the name is that the beauty in the world is much closer than we think; we don’t have to walk for miles to reach it.

It all started with a few empty canvases and an old top with an interesting pattern and a unique colour combination. The top was quite damaged, but I didn’t want to throw it away or to transform it into a cleaning cloth. I cut some shapes following the patterns on the top and I grouped them by colour. Then I played with them on the empty canvases to see what I could create. Once I visualised the possibilities, I glued the pieces of fabric onto the canvases and I “filled in” the spaces between with acrylic paints. I was overwhelmed by the natural flow of the creation process but I had no idea for a final use, other than probably to decorate my own house. I simply wanted to create something beautiful. And I would like to think that I did. 

The collection is up for sale now, and the first painting was sold back in May this year. The other ones are viewed every day by people who visit my on-line shops. I hope they like them.  I hope you like them too. 

Blue Poppies by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Six Pansies by Teodora Totorean - SOLD
The Cells of Life by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Axis Mundi by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Petals in Moonlight by Teodora Totorean - private collection

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