Friday, 4 November 2011

Recycling your art?

Decorative poppies series - SOLD

I know from my writing experience that, when I have an article rejected or I don’t get any answer at all when I send it to a publication, I try to re-think and re-write the whole idea and pitch it to a different magazine. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes I only take a fragment and I incorporate it into a completely different article. This is what I call recycling my writings and I know for sure that many writers do exactly the same. What about paintings? Can I do that, I wondered a few months ago when I had too many paintings of the same subject (well, I do get carried away  J ) and I didn't know what to do with them all.

I am not sure what (other) artists would say, but I did it and I quite like the results.  Also working with acrylics is good if your art is spontaneous because they dry quickly and if you are not happy with your painting, you can paint over it, even bright colours over dark ones without altering the nuances. The layers would be thicker, but you can take advantage and create texture with palette knives or other tools which would give your painting more volume. In my case, I painted some recognisable images over “decorative paintings”, initially created to complement the colour scheme in modern interiors. 

“Aesthetically pleasing to one’s eyes by bringing a touch of colour in their home” – this was, and still is the USP. And these are some of the finished products:

Before: Funky Pepper 16
After: Rainbow Flowers 3

Before: Funky Pepper 14
After: Friendly Blocks 1

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