Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Getting out there

1.Withleigh Christmas Fayre

I had mixed feelings about the first craft fair I was going to attend not as a buyer or admirer but as an exhibitor. Since receiving the invitation sometimes in October to the actual event this Saturday on the 24th, I read all I could find on the Internet about how to prepare for such an event, I rehearsed the table’s layout and I sorted the items for sale: original paintings, cards, prints, bookmarks and pendant necklaces.  

We arrived (my husband and I) soon after 8.30 in the morning to set the table by 10 when the Withleigh Christmas Fayre was due to start. I won’t say how nervous I was about interacting with the public and talking about me and my art nor will I say how I prepared myself for not selling anything, but I will say that all my worries disappeared when I met the other crafters, the organisers and the public.

It was a great atmosphere with homemade food and handmade goodies, perfect for a cold rainy day when you want to be inside where it is warm and cosy. And that’s exactly how it was! Not to mention that I did make some sales.  I am so happy that my paintings will brighten up some people’s homes and my pendant necklaces will add individuality to others’ outfits.

2.Being in the local press this week

Although I wasn’t mentally prepared for this, being at the beginning of my artistic career, still learning and finding my own personal style, I realise that appearing in the local press could be good publicity. So I decided to enjoy it while I’m planning the next step into my painting adventure. 

Left: Report in Tiverton Gazette on local fairs including Withleigh Christmas Fayre.
Right: Advertorial in the Mid Devon Star for Jo Jo's shop where my art is on sale along with other local artists and artisans.

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