Sunday, 18 November 2012

What have I done with my art?

Art prints by Teodora Totorean

When I started my painting adventure in 2011, one of the main promises I made to myself was to treat Teodora Paintings as a business, along with experimenting, getting better and finding my own style. As a result, I am always looking for alternative ways of presenting my designs to the general public besides taking part in group exhibitions and selling my paintings in online and offline galleries and shops.

Art print by Teodora Totorean
After acquiring a professional inkjet printer, I started to create my own cards and prints after original paintings. They are great when taking part in group exhibitions as well as in arts & crafts fairs. I am also selling them in local shops and galleries in Devon.
I have created a profile on Redbubble where I sell cards and prints and recently some of my designs were accepted by a card company in Dorset (more details coming soon).

·         Visit my Redbubble shop for details and to place an order.

Pendant by Teodora Totorean
As my paintings are quite colourful, I started to create pendant necklaces and earrings using mini prints of my paintings. I am also designing my own necklaces to match the colour and the style of the paintings so each piece is unique. They are perfect for colourful summer dresses and tops or you can wear them with white shirts for a distinctive look when dressing smart.  

·         Visit my Folksy and Etsy shops for details and to place an order. If you live in Devon and want to see them in the flesh, you can visit Jo Jo’s shop on Gold Street in Tiverton.


During a recent trip to Windsor Castle with a friend, we were in the gift shop admiring the bookmarks they had for sale and she suggested I could do something similar using my designs. I realised on the spot I had everything I needed: a printer, artist gloss paper, and a laminator. The bookmark series was born! Ta dah! 

Book marks by Teodora Totorean


I haven’t made fabric yet, but I am considering doing this in the future as I want to use it for scarves and pillow cases. The idea came to me this summer when I took part in Hatherleigh Arts Festival and someone said that if one of my designs were available fabric, she would buy a dress made of it. In the meantime I created this profile on Spoonflower, I just need to validate my designs and make them accessible to the public. What do you think: shall I?

Other objects

Fruit bowl by Teodora Totorean

Coasters, fruit bowls, utensils holder – these are just a few objects that I played with lately to see how I can paint on them. At the moment they are for personal use, but this is something that I have in mind for future arts & crafts fairs.

How about you? What do you do with your art? Please feel free to share your experience in the comment box and let’s inspire each other.


  1. You have done all the right things, so far, and I'm sure you'll think of some other ways of spreading beauty around. Looking forward to that.

    Cristina & Noris