Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Art blog and SEO

View from my living room on a rainy day

Although I know the theory behind SEO articles, I don't really apply it to my art blog. I am also a qualified copywriter and freelance writer and in my spare time I am offering copywriting services to clients all over the world through Elance. I just had a project of writing various SEO articles as per client’s specification regarding the key words density and frequency. Working on this project got me thinking that I am a bit like the shoe maker who doesn't have boots in the winter.

When I am writing my blog posts, I don’t have in mind any keywords, however, I do use some words that I am hoping will get people to land on my pages, but it is not the main motivation behind my posts, nor the reason behind my blog. I don't do guest posting either, nor the ezine articles. I used to think that art is above all compromises and the other “tricks” businesses use to sell their products. But not anymore. Being a self-represented artist, it is like running a business and as any other businesses out there, people need to know about my products. So why not use those so called tricks to get more people landing on my pages?

The main places for buying art are “brick and mortar” galleries, yet lately people are starting to be more comfortable buying art over the Internet, even original paintings. That’s why there are so many successful online art galleries and shops. After a long reflection, I decided to be more open when it comes to promoting my art and use all the knowledge from my copywriting experience, including SEO. I will start with product descriptions on my galleries and shops. Then I will continue with the next blog posts. And now, let's start looking at guest posting and ezine articles!

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