Monday, 13 May 2013

Book Review: Art From Intuition by Dean Nimmer

Art From Intuition: Overcoming your Fears and Obstacles to Making ArtArt From Intuition: Overcoming your Fears and Obstacles to Making Art by Dean Nimmer
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When I was considering turning my painting hobby into a profession and I had no idea where to begin, I only wish I had this book as a starting point. A few months later when I saw the “Art from Intuition” title in a bookstore, I said to myself “I must have it”. It wasn't too late for my art to start following the projects within.

The book shows how to paint from intuition as opposed to how to paint what you see. Nimmer emphasises that anyone with a desire to paint can do it, and this book will help them getting organised and started. He also gives useful advice on time management, discipline, techniques, and surpassing the fear of making bad art. The exercises are for beginners as well as for experienced artists who want to take their practising to a different level.

Written in an informal manner, the book is packed with ideas to choose from and if you haven't tried using straws, smoke, blindfolds, and dance movements in making your art, now is a good time to start experimenting. I surely did!

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