Monday, 7 April 2014

Nature Paintings

The magic of the night by Teodora Totorean
One of the most relaxing activities for many of us is walking in nature. Nature offers us a range of outdoor activities to enjoy and an array of features to admire. Artists of all times were obsessed by nature and landscape. Painting “en plein air” or in the studio based on their sketches, nature is one of the main sources of inspiration since the dawn of arts.

From depicting what one sees to what one feels, nature never lets an artist down regarding subject matter and styles. In the contemporary art scene, a mixture of styles, plus the use of other materials like paper or fabric, expanded the repertoire even further.

With this collection I am offering my own vision on nature, from tree paintings and semi abstract landscapes to imaginary compositions based on other features: leaves, birds, branches and hills. I am also incorporating lyrical motifs through musical instruments and notes illustrating singing birds or the music of nature.

A nature painting can remind you of an enjoyable walk, a lovely holiday or a childhood memory of a place you imagined after reading a captivating story. Enjoy!

The four seasons by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Embrace by Teodora Totorean
The House of Spring by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

I See Flowers in the Clouds by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

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