Sunday, 25 May 2014

Contemporary Still Life Paintings

Back in 2003 when I was doing a Decorative Art course, one of the projects was to paint a still life composition in a traditional style and then take the same composition and try to re-create it with a contemporary approach by making it bi-dimensional and using complementary colours. I liked this project very much, but I haven't explored it much since. As I like the still life theme from home d├ęcor to photography and paintings, I decided to start creating some contemporary still life paintings by exploring the technique I learnt more than ten years ago. Here are a few photos of the first project from back in those days, together with the new paintings created this year.

Still life composition in tempera by Teodora Totorean - 2003

Still life - a contemporary approach by Teodora Totorean - 2003

White Daisies in Lyre Mug by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

Symphony in Blue by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

White Flowers in a Vintage Mug by Teodora Totorean - SOLD

©Teodora Totorean 

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