Saturday, 25 February 2017

Just a Card

Designers: Rachel Sumner, Handmade by Julie & Jill Leman

Did you know that if you buy just a card from independent galleries and local gift shops you can help them stay open? How many times have you entered such a shop and you were too embarrassed to buy just a card so you left empty handed? Well, I certainly have, but after reading this plea I decided that from now on, every time I visit a gift shop or a gallery I will buy at least a card.

We live in a country where we give cards for so many occasions, not just Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Anniversary but for any achievement that we feel is worth acknowledging – changing jobs, giving birth, recovering after an illness and the list goes on. The good thing about handmade or artist cards is that very often they are blank so you can write your own message. Handwritten messages could have that personal touch that anyone will appreciate when getting a card.

Buying just a card is not limited to brick and mortar shops, but you can find them in online shops too. When you come across a beautiful shop but you are not necessarily looking for anything in particular, one way to show your appreciation is to buy just a card. I am sure the owner will appreciate it and you’ll end up with a beautiful item that can be offered to your loved ones for any future event.

The beauty about designers/makers/artists cards is that if you like their work but can’t afford it, you can buy just a card and frame it! You can have a mini piece of art from your favourite artist without breaking the bank. If you buy it for someone else, they can do the same. Feature walls showing various items are so fashionable in interior design nowadays that if you add a framed card, you will definitely add interest to your d├ęcor. 

So, what do you think? Will you buy just a card from your favourite shops? I certainly did and I will continue to do so!

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