Saturday, 4 March 2017

How to Make Glass Pendants with Images of Your Art

Pendants are very popular and lots of artists that work with glass, ceramics or other materials make them. If you are a painter, there are a wide range of styles suitable for pendants from abstract and naive to realistic animals and collages. As my art is mainly floral, I think it looks good as jewellery so over the years, I tried a few types of pendants:

1. Metal trays + art images + resin;
2. Glass cabochon + art image;
3. Metal trays + art images + glass cabochon.

 In today's blog post, I am going to show you the latter using some relevant images. 

-ink jet printer
-images of my paintings printed onto 230GSM matte card (I print a few on a page)
-silver trays
-matching glass cabochons
-Hi-Tack all purpose glue
-scissors to cut the images
-brush for the glue

Getting the materials ready - art prints + metal trays & glass cabochons

 I glue the glass cabochons onto the images, I live them overnight (approx 24 hours)
and then I cut around them

Then I glue the glass cabochon with the images onto the metal trays

The finished product - pendant necklaces with art prints

Do you use your art images to make jewellery? Feel free to share your experience and products in the comments box, I would like to see your pendants :).


  1. Hi, great post. Quick question - when you glue the cabochon onto the print, do you put the glue all over the print or just round the edges. I was wondering if the glue dried completely transparent?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. Yes, I put the glue all over the print as it dries completely transparent! So don't worry if it looks cloudy when you first do it as it will clear out. Also, I found that if I put quite a lot, and I press hard, it won't have bubbles. The glue will come out under the glass when you press it, but don't worry as it will dry and then you can cut it off. That's why I like to leave a bit of space between images on the print so it will be enough room for the glue to come out. I hope it makes sense. :)

    2. Thanks - yes, that makes sense! I may give it a try :)

    3. Great! It is trial and error, really, all my friends have 'faulty' jewellery from me, they don't mind a little imperfection :). Let me know how you got on and maybe share a photo or two ;). Good luck!