Friday, 10 March 2017

Eden Project - Trying Out My Camera

Eden Project flowers collage by Teodora Totorean

Our last visit to Eden Project had a purpose: trying out my hard-earned-cash-over-the-past-six-years camera. So far, I have been using my husband’s camera (well, ours, really), but since I have been learning to take my own product photos, I wanted to have my own camera, as in no-one-is-allowed-to-touch-it-or-to-give-me-instructions camera. I wanted it to be light enough to carry it around, easy enough to learn how to use it and good enough to take close-up photos of my products as well as other things that inspire me in my walks.

Last weekend, we decided to go to one of our favourite places with the intention to photograph flowers for inspiration. As we live in Devon and we have the one year pass, Eden Project is quite handy for such a project. And I wasn’t disappointed; the daffodils and other spring flowers were in full bloom and very colourful, just how I like it! What else can I say, except that I enjoyed every minute of it and I might have found a new hobby 📷.  

Taking photos

White flowers by Teodora Totorean

Colour inspiration by Teodora Totorean


  1. So pretty! I really want to visit the eden project some time.

    1. It is lovely! There is always something new, every time we visit :).

  2. What a lovely collection of flowers, enjoy your camera!