Friday, 26 May 2017

Go on, it's healthy - May cooking inspiration

In May, I decided to make a change from my usual low-calories and no-baking cakes (with one exception) and post some of the healthy foods I cooked this month, mainly inspired by one of the latest cooking books I bought. Although I don't enjoy cooking much, I do like good food that is healthy and easy to prepare plus I am always willing to try new ingredients like kale, quinoa and lychees for example.

'Go on, it's healthy' covers all types of food, from breakfast and dinners to desserts and snacks. They are reduced in saturated fat and high in fibre or have reduced sugar or calories. The main ingredients in most of the recipes are fresh vegetables and fruits, avocado, nuts and seeds, quinoa and pulses, as well as alternative ingredients for classical recipes like sweet potatoes for brownies. As I am looking to expand my repertoire in low calories cakes, the desserts offered in the book are just what I need!

With its inviting pictures and easy to follow instructions, the book is appealing to both regular and seasonal cooks. So far, I have cooked smoky paprika roasted chickpeas; apple and cinnamon crisps;  the sweet potato brownie; courgette rosti with eggs and salmon; root vegetable fries; squash, kale and farro stew and chicken tray bake. Would you like to try them? Go on, it's healthy!

Courgette rosti with eggs and salmon

Spicy chicken with fennel & chilli slaw

Fruit, nut & seed trail mix

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