Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Joy of Selling on Folksy

It has been a year since I have been featured by Folksy and although at the time I preferred to simply share their interview, a year later I thought I could write a post about what it means to be a seller on Folksy.

1. Featured seller

When I was asked if I wanted to be a featured seller, I haven't hesitated: I said 'Yes' straight away. I thought that all my efforts to improve the overall look of my shop paid off. I had been learning to take my own photos and slowly I have changed the appearance of my shop, including the banner, the descriptions and the titles. For a week, the views went through the roof, I made a few sales and I gained a few followers on all social media channels.

2. Friendly forum

Every time I visit the forum, I am impressed by how friendly it is. People are always there to help, to give advice, to share experiences, to learn from each other and to support each other. I discovered a few new shops, I learnt a lot about photography and promoting, I found out tips on improving my descriptions and using relevant keywords. And on top of it, admin is just a click away from responding to people's questions and dilemmas.

3. Buying from others

                                        1 & 6 - Bracelet & earrings by dawn sneesby jewellery
                                        2 - Ring by Anna McDade Jewellery
                                        3 - Bracelet by Ditsy Blue
                                        4 & 7 - Earrings by Di Keeble Beads & Jewellery
                                        5 - Earrings by Sasha Garrett
                                        8 - Bracelet by Beach Shack Project

I am not only a Folksy seller but a buyer too. I buy jewellery for myself as seen in the above image, but I also buy presents for my friends. Coasters, mask, oven glove, candle holder, Christmas cards, gift tags, stationery, finger-less gloves, teapot, fabric storage baskets and tote bag - these are the kind of items that I acquired over the years. Next on my list: pottery and scarves.

4. Gift guides

Since improving my photography, some of my items have landed in various gift guides: gifts for music lovers, gifts for mums, unusual gifts, housewarming gifts, gifts for girls. The key to being chosen is good product photography, so I am quite pleased that some of my products made it there. For buyers, gift guides are perfect if they are looking for something specific and they don't know where to start. Some of the other gift guides are: fairytale, nursery decor, Scandinavian home, gifts for grandparents, gifts for teenagers, baking gifts, gifts for gardeners, to name just a few. See the complete list here.

5. Best-seller list

I am not on the best-seller list very often but throughout the years I made it for a few times which is a great motivation to keep going, keep updating my shop and keep improving my art and my style. 

How about you: are you a Folksy seller or a buyer or both? What is your experience? Feel free to share it in the comments box. 


  1. This is a really nice post. I'm a Folksy seller too and love how friendly the forums are. I haven't been featured in the gift guides yet, I have a lot of work to do before my items are chosen, I think. It's nice to see that the effort you've put into improving the look of your shop has paid off for you, well done!