Saturday, 26 August 2017

Art Bead August Challenge

I discovered Art Bead Scene Studio a while back and I was enticed by their monthly art bead challenge - creating a piece of jewellery inspired by a classical artwork and using at least one art bead. As I couldn't take part before either because I was too late or too busy with other projects when I checked this month's challenge I fell in love with the painting straight away. Twelve Princesses on the Way to Dance was painted by Kay Nielsen in watercolour and ink and it was published in 1923. This challenge made me look at other paintings by this artist and what a joy that was!

Hoping that my chosen beads and connectors will qualify for the challenge, I got started by looking at my beads stash and by putting on a side the ones that fitted the colour theme best. I knew I wanted to create a bracelet using a mini print after one of my paintings. Looking at the colour palette, there were two images that I had in mind: 

The Cells of Life

This is a mixed media painting in which I used textile and acrylic on canvas. The fabric is from a top of mine that I liked very much but eventually, it has worn off so I used it in some of my mixed media artworks. The collection was a real success and all the paintings sold out.  The images of the fabric reminded me of the ladies in the painting and the earthy brown is a good match. 

Musica Universalis

This is a mixed media painting in which I used crepe paper and acrylic on canvas. The painting was on display in a couple of exhibitions and now it sits nicely on my wall. When I saw the colours and the patterns from the outfits of the princesses in the inspiration painting, I thought that Musica Universalis could be a good choice for my art connector. 

It was too hard to choose between the two so I decided to create two bracelets. In a way, this is how I work, I always have more than one projects on the go or I always create two or more artworks/jewellery pieces at the same time. 

Making of and deciding on the patterns and beads.

The Cells of Life pendant connector, lampwork beads by Jo, metal bead, wood bead and sea glass bead. 

Musica Universalis pendant connector, lampwork beads by Jo, glass beads and wooden beads. 


  1. Such lovely bracelets. They work beautifully in with the colour palette of the original art work!

  2. Awesome! You really are an artist! I love your bracelets!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Teodora, you have made 2 gorgeous bracelets.

  4. Oh they're beautiful! You really have captured the colours and atmosphere in the painting with your jewellery - I wouldn't have thought it possible but you must have a very creative mind!

  5. I love them both. They both use the colour palette differently but both fit the colour and atmosphere of the painting beautifully, at the same time. You did a brilliant job :)

    1. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the project :).

  6. Love what you have done with the beads. A brilliant challenge and lovely Autumnal colours