Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

My wrapping is a mixture of use-what-you-have, recycled paper, readily bought accessories and some imagination. Some of the materials include recycled brown paper, readily bought wrapping paper with a Christmas theme (I really liked the simplicity of it), raffia, chalkboard paper, chalk pen, cupcake Christmas accessories, ribbon, decorated cellophane and various containers such as willow basket and jars. I really enjoyed wrapping the gifts as well as photographing them. Enjoy!


  1. Your gifts look fabulous. I enjoy spending a little time making gifts look nice on the outside, I usually run out of time though and end up bunging the last few in a gift bag! Better than my brother though, he likes to give presents in the shop carrier bag - bless him!

    1. These are from last year but I am going to keep to the same style this year too. I also kept last year's cards to make gift tags - inspired by yourself, of course :) .