Thursday, 21 December 2017

Handmade Christmas

It is not entirely handmade, but most of our decorations are as well as the table arrangements and other accessories, namely ceramic mini mugs and owls candle holder.

Reindeer and deer with lyre collection

We started our decorations collection in 2006 when we had our first Christmas together. The red baubles are from back then and we never felt the need to buy more or different colours. But we did add more decorations every year, from hanging hearts, trees and stars to handmade ornaments like robins, reindeer and more trees.

Christmas trees collection

The main colour is always red (although I am so tempted to try different colours in the next years - probably that's why the ornaments I am making to sell are not red) but for now, red is perfect as this is the colour theme that we built on throughout the years. There may be hints of brown and cream, gold and burgundy but the overall colour is red and white and some green for the table and other decorations.

Woodland collection - hedgehogs from National Trust and robins from Dandelion's Gallery

The novelty for this year is hanging some little ceramic mugs featuring a traditional Romanian design, some hanging hearts, trees and miniature presents made by yours truly and a new hanging tree by Carolee Crafts was also added to the collection. Our Christmas tree tells a story that we build up year after year. It reflects our love of nature, the passion for handmade and it brings a slice of our cultural background too.

Small mug with Romanian traditional patterns. 

The presents are wrapped in recycled paper and we use the handmade tags from previous years. We have the policy of one present each and we always know what it is inside, but we act surprised when we open them.

How about you? How do you decorate your tree? Feel free to leave a link/image of your tree, I would love to see it.

DIY table arrangement - branches in a painted tin can 

Christmas tree with lots of handmade ornaments

Christmas no-bake cookies

Presents wrapped in recycled paper with reused tags

Rustic Christmas 

Merry Christmas! 🎅


  1. Those sweet little hedgehogs really made me smile - wouldn't mind having some of those in my tree. Ours is pretty colourful again though I have the feeling purple is a bit more obvious than it should be. Ah well, I'll just need to make some more turquoise, pink and applegreen baubles and ornaments next year...
    Have a most lovely Christmas time, dear Teodora!

    1. Dear Marjan, thank you for your lovely comment. You, too, have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful! Have a Happy Christmas surrounded by your gorgeous creations :o)

  3. That should have said love the table settings :)