Friday, 15 December 2017

DIY - Christmas Table Arrangement Two Ways

Just a quick post to show you my easy-to-make and simple-but-elegant Christmas table arrangements.  

Arrangement 1 - materials:

-tin can
-white metal paint and/or spray paint 
-old newspapers
-Christmas decorations


Pick up some branches and/or twigs when you go for a walk. You don't have to take them from trees as there are plenty on the ground. You can paint some/all of them with white acrylic paint or spray paint or you can leave them as they are. In the meantime, paint the tin cans in your chosen colour -  you can use spray paint or chalk paint. I already had a painted one from this summmer's project and I used spray paint. Put the twigs in a bouquet and tie them with raffia. Place them in the tin can and put some old newspapers around them. Put some pebbles on top and/or acorns. Decorate your twigs to your taste. Mine have some red baubles and handmade ornaments, including some made by yours truly.  

Table arrangement 2 - materials:

-metal tray from Ikea
-star-shaped candle holders
-faux berries 


Be as creative as you want! As for my arrangement, I have used a metal tray from Ikea (it was used to hold three herbs containers), then I laid some raffia at the bottom, I placed the star-shaped candleholders and added the pinecones, finishing off with the faux berries.