Thursday, 7 December 2017

DIY - Christmas Trees and Presents Decorations

After last week's project, I just entered into a creative mode and I wanted to make some more decorations, namely trees and presents. Making your own Christmas decorations is easy and fun and your tree can look pretty and stylish without breaking the bank. Just use what you've got and put your creative mind to good use.

Christmas trees

-plywood Christmas trees shapes
-acrylic paint (I used red, but you can use any colour you want)
-I used tinsel, but you can use anything you can think of: pom-poms, scrap paper, etc

Painting the trees both sides and glueing bits of tinsel on one side. 

Presents decorations

-small boxes
-recycled brown paper

Packing the small boxes and glue the paper to secure it; finishing off with raffia.

Mini tree with handmade decorations. 


  1. Such lovely simple but effective ideas.

    1. I always wanted to have little presents in my tree; now I have them :).