Wednesday, 14 February 2018

DIY - Tea Box Makeover

I got this mini chest of drawers from my brother in law and his partner a couple of years ago as Christmas present and while they mentioned that I could do anything I wanted with it (knowing my crafty inkling), it sat there unused for quite some time before I decided to give it another life. I wanted to try something different using decoupage paper (I have never tried this technique before), various paints (acrylic, chalk paint and chalkboard paint) and repurposing some brooches that I really liked but never worn.The result is a pretty box that I can use to store my tea bags and the good news is that I love it!


-wooden box or mini chest of drawers
-decoupage paper of your choice
-chalk paint (I used white)
-chalkboard paint
-acrylic paint/ wood paint
-craft glue
-small knobs or any objects that you can repurpose for handles

The box was quite pretty as it was in neutral colours. 

Deciding on colours: one drawer left as it was with a splash of chalkboard paint for labelling, one painted with turquoise acrylic paint, one with white chalk paint and one with chaklboard paint. 

Giving the white drawer a distressed  

Playing with ideas.

Preparing the box for the decoupage paper using tacky glue. 

All covered. 

Adding two repurposed handles (aka ex-brooches). 

Deciding to cover the separators too. 

Nearly there. 

With the stripy frame on the black drawer.

Without the little frame on the drawer - something I'm still deciding about.  

Before and after.


All varnished and ready to be used. 


  1. Gorgeous project! A great idea to customise the tea box so that it fits your personality and home :o)

    1. Thank you. It was quite refreshing to so something else than my usual paintings :).

  2. It looks really lovely. I like that all the drawers are decorated differently #handmademonday

  3. So pretty, love the colours you chose. Upcycling is fun and you end up with something unique.

  4. It's so pretty. I love the idea of using old brooches as the handles. It's a lovely make over. Ps. I like the stripy frame :)

    1. Thank you. I quite like it too so it isn't too late to glue it :).