Saturday, 7 April 2018

Little Things

I wasn't sure what title to give to this post - Before & After; Little Changes; Splashes of Colour - but I settled for 'Little Things' in the end, hoping that people will continue with 'that make you happy' in their head. Indeed, in my world, it doesn't take much to be happy and being surrounded by colours is one of these 'little things'. So this blog is about some small changes I made to various objects to give them a new life. There will be another post where you will see them 'in situ', but for now,  the product photos will do. Enjoy!

1. Do you remember this project when I asked people if I should give the box a distressed look? The majority said 'yes', so here it is! Do you like it?

2. I saw this tulip display by Of Faeries and Fauna Craft Co over at Handmade Monday and I loved it! Knowing that I have a transparent vase that sometimes is too long for some flowers, I thought I would add some white pebbles at the bottom to raise it a little bit. The result is just perfect! Why didn't I think of it before? 

I nearly painted the frame of this vintage mirror, but on second thought, I decided to leave it as it is. What do you think? 

3. This utensil holder is actually a pitcher and as I wanted to get some yellow utensils, I thought that they might look better in a blue pitcher. It also goes well with my new sign. Do you agree?

4. As you can see, I am fixated with blue at the moment so I just painted over the letters on this sign using chalk paint. 

5. I made this key-holder using a canvas frame and a couple of reclaimed wood pieces. It looked rather tired so I thought I would give it a new look with blue chalk paint and black chalkboard paint. New hooks to be added soon.

Which one is your favourite? 


  1. YES! The little chest is absolutely perfect now. Happy you didn't paint the mirror - looks perfect to me - but I love the new look of the other items! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love all your pops of colour. My favourite is probably the jug, it looks fabulous, but the distressed chest is a close second (and everything else comes in a very respectable joint third!)

    1. Aww, thank you! I like the chest too, I hope I didn't overdo it :).

  3. Love the box and the jug, so perfectly Spring like

  4. Genial!!Me gustan los cambios ... El color azul de la jarra es todo un acierto.

    Gracias por compartir ideas!!