Thursday, 12 July 2018

Yellow and Grey Bedroom

For someone who likes colour, this could be too much white, BUT all the accessories are rather colourful and I thought that a white background will make them stand out. I also quite like different shades of white and off-white as well as various textures from painted wood and ply to stripes and squares. Despite the colorful accessories I mentioned, I managed to implement a yellow and grey combination with splashes of blues, lime greens, and turquoise. The effect is a calming room that we absolutely love. 

This is what the built-in wardrobes looked like before replastering. 

The tidying up took longer than we hoped. 

The painting stands out beautifully against the whites and it complements nicely the accents of colour. 

Yellow doorknob for me.

Black clock doorknob for my husband. 

We kept the 12-years-old bedside drawers as we still love them. I also think that natural wood makes a room look cozy. 

Loving the wallpaper on these Ikea wardrobes that we used to cover the plastic windows.  

The cushion covers on this storage unit are both handmade by artisans on Etsy

Floral yellow doorknob close-up. 

We kept the light shade as it goes well with the curtains and the rest of the room.

New bed with storage space underneath. 

What is your favourite feature of the room? Mine has to be the door knobs and my painting, of course 😊. 


  1. That room is absolutely fab! I love the yellow doorknob, the built-in wardrobes, the jewellery-tree and the cushions. Actually - I love it all!

  2. So many of pretties in your beautiful bedroom could be my favourite. Perhaps I should start with the funky yellow door know, but then there is that fabulous bed! Oh but then perhaps it would have to be those clever wardrobe doors you prettied up. I suppose I really can't choose a favourite as I love it all!

    1. Ohh, thank you for visiting! It is our favourite room at the moment :).

  3. I like all of it, the white does make your art stand out and that is a favourite. I also like what you did with the ikea wardrobes. x