Friday, 20 July 2018

Cottage Style Dining Area

One of the features that we liked about the house when we first viewed it was this window between the kitchen and dining area, including the sage green paint that we decided to keep. Luckily we had everything for the dining area, the second-hand table and the mixed and matched chairs as well as this lovely display cabinet that I was honored to be featured with over at Handmade Monday. In the meantime, another cabinet appeared as storage for my husband and now the look is complete. It looks cosy and warm with a perfect view through the kitchen and all the way to the patio garden.

Dressed-up window with handmade and handpainted pottery and ceramic. Can you see the lighting that I painted a while back? 

Painting the walls in white so the colour will stand out.


My favourite corner.

Cottage style flowers in a hand-painted vase. 

The lovely window triumphantly dominating the dining area. 

Please ignore the cardboard boxes on the TV cabinet shelves as we haven't finished unpacking yet. Also, the cables will be hidden away at some point. 


  1. this is a most lovely place/Corner/room. You did a marvellous job. It looks so cosy and bright!