Thursday, 26 July 2018

Yellow Desk for My Cottage Style Studio

I can't remember where I had this school desk from, but it has been staying in the attic for a few years or so until I found a use for it. I liked it too much to throw it away so when I got a new studio, I knew I wanted to paint it yellow. 


✽ sanding sheet (although I have a sanding machine, I did it manually as it is a small item) 
✽ yellow furniture paint (simply use your favorite brand)
✽ brushes (various sizes according to your preferences)
✽ screwdriver to take the hinges out and put them back at the end

This was one of the easiest and quickest furniture makeover projects.  

I am using it mainly for decorative purpose as well as storage.  


  1. I love old school desks with the pop up lids. Your little desk looks lovely with it's new lick of paint. I must say your studio is that sweet little wooden door.

    1. Thank you. There are 2 little doors in the room leading into the roof space - perfect to store my cardboard boxes for packing and the bubble wrap roll and other useless/ful items :).

  2. I had an old desk similar to this when I was growing up, I think the local school had cleared them out and my dad picked a couple up for us kids. I have no idea what happened to it, but your photos have made me feel quite nostalgic for it!
    The soft yellow is just beautiful, your room is looking amazing.

    1. I also had a similar one as a child, it was slightly bigger and it had a space where you could rest your feet underneath. It was lovely, but same here, no idea where it is now but I have a feeling that my parents gave it away after we grew up and no longer needed it.