Friday, 3 August 2018

New Home, New Kitchen

You know those signs that say 'The kitchen came with the house'? This is exactly how I feel for various reasons. I don't really enjoy cooking, so a kitchen is not my favourite room in a house. On the other hand, I like home cooked meals so cooking is something that I have to do as it is cheaper and healthier. On a side note, one of the reasons why I don't have a microwave is because I don't want to be tempted to buy ready meals so if I don't have one, I really have to cook. My husband does some cooking, but it is mainly me. The fact that the house came with a bigger kitchen than the one we had is fairly exciting, so is the fact that it came with a range cooker. And by 'fairly' I mean a kind of 'so and so'.

Having said that, I do appreciate that we have enough space to move around and we even set up a breakfast bar. I quite like the sloping ceiling and the light that comes through the two windows and the French doors. I also like that it leads to the patio garden and that it has two plans separated by the two-level floor. We added an extractor fan (which is not very aesthetically pleasing but it does the job) and a long worktop for one of the cupboards leaving enough space for two round chairs underneath.

Overall, I enjoyed decorating it and I am hoping I will spend more time cooking, now that the kitchen looks more inviting than the one we had.

A new shelf and a voile curtain appeared. 

Not the prettiest extractor fan, but it does the job. 

This is the colour it had before. I quite liked red, but we had a Romanian traditional blue rug planned for the kitchen that we got from some friends so the red had to go. 

I quite like the two different rugs and the two-level floor. The French doors are between the washing machine and the fridge. 



Loving the cottage style door.

The door is sage green on the side facing the living room and white on the side facing the kitchen. 

Cookbooks shelf above the fridge.

New kitchen requires new gadgets. 

Tidy cupboard. 

Messy cupboard. 

My favourite shelves. 

One final view with no extractor fan in the picture. 


  1. Your new kitchen is fantastic. Must admit when ours was re-done about 2/3 years ago so excited, nothing like having the space for everything and as I love to cook and bake can now be done with ease.

    1. How nice! Yes, I love my kitchen now, as for cooking, I am happy to have a slow cooker :).

  2. Just shut that door, there is no need for us to see your messy cupboards - that's what the doors are for!
    I love your rugs, both are beautiful.
    It's funny, as much as I love red (and I really do) I can see that this space is much better for the softer look you have given it.