Friday, 26 October 2018

Decorative Branches for All Seasons

Take some branches from a nearby forest and an all-purpose spray paint and you will create a decorative bouquet that can be dressed up differently each season. As my window sill that faces the street was in need of a decorative occupant, the vase of branches seemed a perfect candidate. Inspired by this project where the use of spray paint seemed so effortless, I dug up a leftover all-purpose paint, perfect for my branches. One might prefer the use of a brush, but I must admit that using the spray paint was easier, quicker and I was more in control of how much paint to apply on the twigs.

For this project, I used just the spray and a face mask and I made sure the room was ventilated. The result is a pretty bouquet of branches that I am planning to decorate differently each season. Enjoy the step by step photos and the autumnal look.


  1. A lovely idea that can change with the seasons, I must go and look for suitable twigs.

    1. Thank you, they are so versatile, I can't wait to dress them up for winter :).

  2. What a sweet idea and super inexpensive too :-)