Saturday, 3 November 2018

Greetings from My Studio

I know that artists have a reputation for being messy and untidy and while I am both, I also like to have an organized studio (as paradoxically as it may sound). Partly, because I like to get into a tidy studio when I start a project (it is like starting a painting with a blank canvas), partly because my working room is still a guest room as well. 


The room resembles a cottage style decor with some specific features like exposed beams, cottage style doors, and a window shutter. As I wanted to incorporate some handmade goodies made by my late grandmother and my handpainted furniture, I thought I would give it a rustic-vintage look. However, there is also some modern storage furniture from Ikea and a Mid-century yellow chair from Homesense. I don't know if I respected the 80/20 ratio, but I quite like the result. If I can't categorize it as cottage style with modern elements, I am happy to call it eclectic. 

I am very tempted to paint the vintage brown cabinet in white.

Brick wall. 

Old and new, hopefully in the right proportion.  


The storage solution includes shelves, storage boxes and storage furniture. The shelves were initially a bit of a mix and match, but I decided to paint the bottom shelf in white and put all my white storage boxes on the top shelf to give it a more uniform look so my painted trinket boxes will stand out on the middle shelf. Also, the storage furniture units from Ikea are the perfect size and style to meet the purpose. I managed to put all my paintings away either on the furniture shelves or in the niche in the wall as seen in the photo below. 

The niche is deep enough so I could fit quite a few paintings. 

Storage boxes. 


More details.

Storage unit one.

Storage unit two.


For the tools, I used mainly vintage containers and I just love them. From my childhood mug to a couple of buckets bought from a local gift shop, they really complete the look of the room, while being useful too. I like it when decorative meets functional to create a stylish working space.  

Hanging tools buckets. 

Next on the list: 

Pointing the brick wall 
Painting the brown vintage cabinet in chalk white paint
✽ Ripping the carpet off to expose the floor (not yet as I don't know what's underneath, but I would love to)


  1. Such a lovely space to be creative in (as well as a beautiful place for your guests)! I love it and I love the way you've combined different styles. They match perfectly!