Sunday, 24 March 2019

DIY - Easy Garden Sign

Yesterday, I finally had some time to tidy up the patio that was long overdue. After playing with the furniture and the planters around and I was happy with the layout, it was time to think details. And I don't mean flowers (yes, I know that some of the planters are still empty - I promise, there will be flowers soon), but little details like accessories and garden signs. 

I had an old school desk painted in yellow that initially was in my studio but as I moved things around in there too, it sat unused in the garden until deciding what to do with it. I knew I wanted to keep it, but I still had no idea where to put it as we don't have any available spaces. After watching "Gardeners' World" on Friday, an idea stroke me: what if I use it as a potting station? Ta-da!

But I was still left with the top that I thought it could make a perfect garden sign. After placing it on the wall as it was, I started to think what shall I draw and write on it. Looking through my pile of fabric cuts and other leftovers from other projects, I came across this vase with flowers that I cut from an old painting of mine and I kept it 'just in case'. I am sure all the crafters out there can relate to this! And the 'just in case' moment arrived. When I placed it on the piece of wood, I really liked how it stood out against the yellow. I used small nails to secure it, I painted a square shape in chalk paint for writing and the sign is complete. It is different and original and we absolutely love it! 


  1. What a lovely patio! Can imagine you there in the evening with a lazy late afternoon sun, a glass of wine and a good book...