Sunday, 7 April 2019

Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

The challenge for me is to dye real eggs a different colour each year. The traditional way to dye eggs in my family was using onion skin (either red or orange) and create leaf patterns using women tights to keep the leaves in place. Although I love the results, throughout the years I wanted to try different colours but keeping the natural dye tradition.

1. Onion skin for red, orange, brown-ish  

When I use onion skin, I use a mixture of red and orange peels and put them in water without adding any vinegar (I know that some people do). I don't boil the eggs beforehand but I put them straight into the dye mixture (water and onion skin) and boil them all together for approx 7-10 minutes. I leave them to rest but not too long as they colour quite quickly. I take them out at various times so I have different shades of the same colour.

2. Red cabbage leaves for blue eggs  

For this dye, I use approx half of cabbage (or less) for a 1.5 - 2 l pot. I also add some vinegar and then I place the eggs in the mixture and boil them for 7 - 10 minutes. I normally leave the eggs in the water all day and/or overnight and again, I take them out at various times so I get a few shades of blue.

3. Turmeric for yellow eggs 

The method is the same as with the cabbage leaves. I am boiling turmeric in water, then I add vinegar and I leave the eggs in the dye overnight.

4. Spinach for green eggs

This is yet to try as when I did try it, I didn't leave the eggs in the dye enough so I started to experiment with other dyes (I added onion skin, then turmeric in various proportion and using more than one pot) but the result was spectacular. I am not sure if I can repeat it, but I would love to give it another try.

As for this year, I would like to try a combination of turmeric and onion skin, but I am not too sure yet. One dye that I haven't tried is beetroot so I might give it a go. Also, green matcha tea might make a great dye. 

How about you? What do you do for Easter? Do you dye real eggs? If yes, what is your method?  


  1. These are lovely, the colour from the onion skin is amazing. I would never have thought the shades you can get would be so vivid. Fab!

    1. Yes, they are, and I grew up with seeing them on the Easter table year after year :).

  2. I am definitely pinning this one Teodora. Each year I use the store bought dye and get paint on my hands.

    1. It is amazing how many colours you can get with natural products and they are so pretty! :)