Saturday, 20 July 2019

Recycle, Reuse, Re-purpose: Garden Planter in a Bathtub

When we moved into our new home, in the bathroom we had both a shower cabin and a bathtub. As we are shower people, we decided to take the bathtub out and make some more useful room for storage and re-purpose the bathtub as a planter in the garden. We cut it around the edges to make it shorter and we started filling it with soil, compost and grit. What we hope is to have flowers and plants all year round, meaning bulbs in spring and various summer flowers later on as well as decorative grasses for the winter months. I also added the painted rocks to have some colours for the in-between flowerings. 

First, I planted some autumn flowers like echinacea and violas and I added decorative grass just to have some instant colour, then I planted various bulbs hoping that we would see the results in spring and we did.

 The re-purposed planter was full of crocuses and a few snowdrops - a lovely display, indeed.  

As I started to decorate the garden, I moved the bathtub around until I found the perfect spot for it. While waiting for the bulb's leaves to dry out, I added some more flowers like dwarf pink, cosmos, two types of salvia and trellis alpines, all perfect for a cottage-style garden. I really hope I didn't disturb the bulbs. 

Looking at the pictures, you can also see the re-purposed drum that remains one of my favourite planter in the garden. Slow living is a way of life and we try to stand by it as much as we can. Recycling, reusing and re-purposing are three of our favourite 're' words and every time we need something for the home, we go to the recycling centre first to see what we can find there and decide how can we make it into what we want. I don't always find what I want so I buy new too, like the potting station in the garden, but when I buy new, my hope is to last a lifetime. 😊

I hope you enjoyed the post and got inspired by my little projects. There are so many objects that can be repurposed as planters, including colourful boots or tyres. Do you have such planters in your garden? 


  1. I love it, it all looks so natural. That is your artist's eye right there, you know just how to place things. x

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I do move things around quite a lot until I am happy with the "composition" :).