Saturday, 25 May 2019

Other Arty Projects: Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are so in at the moment, you can see them everywhere in people's gardens, in schoolyards, on the Internet, everywhere. It is such an easy thing to do and the results are simply spectacular, no matter what artistic ability you have. It is a great project for all the family, too; I am sure children would enjoy seeing something pretty coming out of their hands and brushes. 

For my rocks, I used acrylic paints, thin brushes and Internet images for the colourful bugs - the species I captured are Coreid Bug Nymphs, Fungus Beetle and Jewel Beetle. I also painted some strawberries and primulas and I just love how colourful they all are. Here are some photos with the results. Enjoy!  😊

Colourful bugs

You know how much I love being surrounded by colour and while I have quite a few flowers in my little patio, I couldn't help painting some colourful bugs to add to the mix. They are so pretty to look at if I say so myself. 


They are far from perfect, but they look like little (or big?) gems hidden amongst the real wild strawberries. 

Primula flowers

They are not there to compete with the real flowers, but I had to paint some primulas just for fun!

I hope you enjoyed my short post and if you have some painted stones/rocks I would like to see them. 


  1. We have a lot of pebble areas in our garden, I really must paint some to tuck in here are there. These are so sweet, I especially like the strawberries! Did you varnish yours? I was wondering if I could get away without or if it's essential if they are kept outside.

    1. No, I didn't varnish mine and they seem OK so far. But I might varnish them just to be sure.

  2. I love the strawberries best of all, a good way to add some colour while waiting for some flowering plants.