Saturday, 15 July 2017

Studio Tidy-up 2017

Every year or so I have a studio tidy-up which implies cleaning, tidying and moving furniture around. It is still used as my working room and guest room and throughout the years, I had a sofa bed, a futon, nothing at all (we set up a mattress when we had guests) and back to a sofa bed again, this time a smaller one. The room is very small indeed and I have to fit everything in there: hand painted furniture, shelves, storage boxes and my tools and materials, not to mention that I want it to look pretty too. Here are, once again, the tidying up photos.

The mess before the big tidy up. 

Moving furniture around and trying out different arrangements.

Filling up the shelves and making the most of the space. 

At the other end - finding space for empty boxes that I need for packing.

Old writing desk and storage painted by yours truly. 

With the added sofa bed for guests featuring lace edging made by my grandmother and cushion with one of my designs


  1. WOW! My studio is lager and I do not have to share it with guests, but it's far from being this tidy and neat! Enjoy the time you're able to spend in that lovely room!

    1. It is not like this all the time, as you can see in the first photo, but I enjoy a big tidy up every now and then. Thank you for visiting ☺.

  2. Lovely to get your studios sorted isn't it. Yours looks beautiful

  3. It looks gorgeous now! What a transformation x

  4. That writing desk is just beautiful.
    You pack a lot into a small space! I'm impressed.
    I wonder how long it stays looking like that though, being creative and being tidy don't usually go very well together!

    1. I know, it will be back to picture 1 in no time.