Saturday, 12 August 2017

Colourful nails for colourful bracelets

I really enjoyed painting my nails for these photo shoots. Every bracelet deserves colourful nails to match. All bracelets feature a mini print after my paintings and they are designed to complement and enhance the image. For that, I used colourful glass beads, gemstones and millefiori beads as well as connectors and clasp toggles so they would be easy to put on. They are perfect either to complement your colourful outfits or as an accent piece that will draw the eyes. What I like about bracelets is that you can see them too when you are wearing them, unlike earrings for example. Have you ever thought of that :)? Enjoy the showcase and please let me know which one is your favourite.

Meadow connector + agate slice stone, agate flower bead and lava bead.

Pansy connector + electric blue glass beads.

Yellow pansies connector + red millefiori beads.

Meadow connector + 2 lamp work beads by Helen G Beads, dyed turquoise gemstones and lava beads.

Abstract art leaf connector + lampwork beads by Helen G Beads, Check glass flowers and green glass beads.

Pansy connector + floral blue polymer clay beads and electric blue glass beads.

Meadow connector + dyed turquoise gemstones.

Peruvian lily connector + ethical sea glass beads.

Peruvian lily connector + lime green glass beads.


  1. Seems you had great fun doing this great photo-shoot (maybe I shouldn't tell, but I've only got three bottles of nail polish). Your bracelets are amazing. It's really hard to decide which one I like most. First I thought the "Pansy connector + electric blue glass beads" one would be it, but as soon as I scrolled further down the post... well... love the "Abstract art leaf" quite as much as the one with turqouise beads... Nope - I really cannot decide.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Yes, I had a lot of fun - for an entire week I only had the nails painted on my left hand :).