Saturday, 2 September 2017

Foraging blackberries for a delicious cake

I love foraging - wild strawberries in late spring, elderflowers in summer and blackberries in autumn. The first day of September was sunny so I decided to go foraging and bake a cake. Even though I am trying to make no-bake low calories cakes, every now and then I would bake cakes with fruits like boiled clementine cake, gooseberry cake and today's cake with blackberry. I used the same recipe as for gooseberry cake that I found here and yes, I did make a gooseberry cake a few weeks ago when I bought some gooseberries on sale and they were too sour to eat. 


-125 g caster sugar
- 125 g butter 
- 3 eggs 
- 75 g flour
- 75 g ground almond
- 3/4 tbs baking powder
- blackberries to taste


- mix the sugar and butter
- add the eggs one by one until they are incorporated into the mixture
- add the flour, the ground almonds, and the baking powder
- put the mixture into the baking tin
- mix the blackberries with a bit of caster sugar then put it on top of the mixture
- put it in the preheated oven at 190⁰C for approx 30 minutes

The original gooseberry recipe requires baking for 20 minutes then add flaked almonds on top and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes. I did this with the gooseberry cake and it was delicious indeed, but I decided to skip this step for the blackberry cake as I wanted to keep it simple. 

You can sprinkle some caster sugar on top, but again, I decided to skip this step and let the cake as it is. Delicious! 

Foraged blackberry cake and coffee - the perfect combination for a lazy Saturday morning. Will you try it? 


  1. This looks delicious! I love foraging for fruit. I'm sure it tastes better when the berries are foraged! I've never tried just layering the berries on top of the batter before, I usually make a pudding by having a layer of blackberries at the bottom. I'm going to have to try this recipe!

    1. It's very simple to make and yes, it does taste better when the berries are foraged :).

  2. Odd isn't it, foraged fruits often taste much better. I do like picking elderberries for jams - pure, with pears, with apples, oranges,... Hmmm.
    As my husband is so fond of blackberries (but non around here to forage) I might give this recipe a try - it's his birthday on Fryday.

  3. gosh that has made me hungry......fab looking cake......I have my cup of tea ready can you send some

  4. This looks so yummy!
    I also foraged for blackberries on Friday and made a fab jam with blackberries, raspberries, chia seeds, lemon juice and a little maple syrup for sweetness.

  5. So delicious, I love blackberry picking. You know Autumn is here and warmer puds are on the table.

  6. This looks lovely, I always enjoy blackberry picking at this time of year. I'll try this as soon as I've had a chance to go looking for some.

    1. We still had some left this morning for coffee! I might make another one next weekend :).