Sunday, 12 November 2017

Christmas Ornaments

I enjoy making Christmas ornaments, either hand painted or mounted with prints after my wintry paintings. As I like unusual decoration for my tree, I thought that other people might look for something whimsical and quirky. This year's ornaments are all about Devon inspired cottages, the same that appear in my paintings. White cute cottages against various shades of blue, green and grey backgrounds with hints of green and red, the colours of Christmas. Here are the making-of photos. Enjoy!

Day 1 - deciding on the designs and painting one side

Getting started + using some of my previous years' ornaments for inspiration.

Painting the backgrounds + adding some splashes of white. 

Some images are starting to appear. 

More cottages and moons. 

All done for the day. 

Day 2 - finishing off the details, painting the reverse and varnishing

Finishing touches and accents. 

Painting the reverse. 

Adding splashes of white for a wintry feel. 

Adding trees.

Adding fruits. 

Day 3 - photographing and listing on Folksy

Adding ribbons. 

I like using my white artificial tree as a prop. 

The reverse is also painted so it can turn both sides. 

The Christmas ornaments are available on Folksy

Which one is your favourite?


  1. These are gorgeous Teodora, I love your painting style.

  2. So lovely, the naive style is perfect for xmas.

  3. These Christmas ornaments are soooo lovely!

  4. I love these tiny cottages, so pretty and you have done the backs proud. They will look wonderful on a tree with a light just above.

  5. These are really lovely, just putting me in the right mood for Christmas!!

  6. I love your ornaments, the colours are beautiful x

  7. Your hand painted ornaments look adorable, I love the little houses.